Good Motion

Good motion is for health. Good motion gives health.Bad motion gives illness.What for health? and life?Dance is good motion.Dance gives health,beauty,life and many other dreams.Dance gives complete health. Dance is only first and last single  unique activity which gives health,life,beauty and all other benifits and finishes the diseases and death.Dance makes every motion and every moment.Without dance our body is nothing.Calture is the part of human body.Words are the part of human body.Words are included in calture.Dance is the solution of every trouble.Actually dance makes the universe.Dance is universe.Universe is dance.Dance makes human body.Dance safes the human body.Dance safes the world and universe.Without dance we are nothing.Dance safes us.New calture is dance.Without dance we can not safe our body and our health.Dance finishes the death.I am dance.We are dance.Dance is your new healthy body.Every activity,every motion and every rest position is Dance.Those motion which make illness in human body are bad motions.Dance makes new world.



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