Infinite Speed

Infinite Speed=Infinite kilometers Distance/Minus Infinite seconds.The speed of infinite kilometers distance per minus infinite seconds does not take time.So that time is not any thing.Some more fastest speeds do not take time.Speed=Distance/Time.We can not see the objects of Infinite Speed.The minus infinite seconds is not time.Above proves Time is not any thing.Physically infinite speeds do not exist due to Infinite distance of Space.Some events take time,some events do not take time.Infinite Speed discovers infinite kilometers distance in no time.Some speeds less than infinite speed and big than speeds which take time do not take time.Motion of events,rest of events and both are named with word time,it is not true,Time is seen in events which is natural non-stuff thing and a measure which is calculated with an other event.Universe,Motions,Rest,Events are ordered due to Motion,rest and body of things.Written By:Dehaw Malia.(www.waheedrathore2002.wordpress.com)Email:waheed.rathore2002@gmail.com




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